Wednesday , July 18 2018
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24к часов

Ещё 2 часа и будет отработанно ровно 24000 часов. 1000 дней рабочего стажа в игре. Юбилей блин. 🤤 Из 14 лет в игре, могло быть и веселее, но и так сойдёт. 😂 Интересно сколько будет через 14 лет? 🤔

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Today I living 600 days in total sobriety. I’m proud of all people who believe in me all this time. I say thanks to people who says to me “You without alco? Are you kiddin’?”. After all this days I …

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My Coming Out

My Coming Out. I want to thank everyone who was with me all this time. I can’t lie to myself & to all you anymore. I need to say this. Oh God, how worried I am. In fact, after this …

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