Kirov Map 1.5 ETS2 1.49+

List of changes:

System of “gray” dealers
Now you can buy trucks of all brands at service stations in the cities of the Kirov region

DAF – Sovetsk
IVECO – Yaransk (garage)
MAN – Urzhum
Mercedes – Kotelnich
Renault – Kirov (Shikhovo)
SCANIA – Kirov
Volvo – Kirov (Shikhovo)

TIRSAN Trailer Pack DLC support
Updated prices on gas station signs
New road Urzhum – Malmyzh
Land connection with Sibir Map 2.0 near the city of Malmyzh


Updating some locations
The direction from Orlov to the “New Bridge” in Kirov was moved and updated
The fork behind the New Bridge was rebuilt from scratch
An area across the river has appeared, it will be updated in the future
The northern bypass “Podgoryanka – Shikhovo – Turn on Slobodskaya” has appeared
New shopping malls and car showroom
Updated “Soviet Highway”

PGT Pizhanka:

Now this is a gaming city
New TC, with a unique cargo “Pelmeni”

The direction Urzhum – Sovetsk – Kirov – Chepetsk was moved and updated
Updated some locations


A bug was found and corrected that prevented hired drivers from carrying cargo in default
Fixed localizations in German/English/Russian game clients
Fixed bugs with shopping center in Sharya
Many textures have been replaced with modern ones from the game base, which made it possible to reduce the weight of the modification and optimize some 3D models


Map author:

Authors of 3D models:
Denis Loginovsky

Cargo grid:


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